Social Life Hacks to Conquer that Interview

It is essential we have good social life hacks to get through the mundane, every day life. Life can be difficult, in general, and social life hacks will make it easier to deal with. When it comes to interviews, this article elaborates greatly on social life hacks to help you ace it. So before getting onto the topic, we must ask ourselves why hacking matters so much.


Let’s get onto the first hack which can be referred to as the halo effect. The halo effect is to take one’s positive attributes and change another’s perception with it. For instance, it means giving a positive vibe upon your first meeting. Appearing confident and at ease leads to allowing your interviewer into believing you are a good leader, competent and a good communicator. This is bound to have a positive effect, which will lead you to the next level of interviews.  


You may not realize how far a smile can carry you. But, the truth is no one wants to be around a person that barely smiles. If you are meeting your hiring manager, appearing confident and poised is not sufficient. You must add a smile. In fact, not smiling can lead the hiring manager to believe you are either arrogant or terribly unfriendly, and neither one of these traits are going to get you a job. Research has indicated whatever you are feeling inside will trigger what is seen on your face. Our facial expressions offer insight into our soul. So, smile before you enter the interview room. Calm your nerves and light up the room as you walk in!


It is recommended by body language experts, you act the role before you actually get the job.  Any interview lasts from a few minutes to a good half an hour. However, you must feel comfortable with the role you are playing. For instance, standing straight or adopting a powerful pose can make quite an impact on the people interviewing you. Research indicates, if you are fidgeting unnecessarily, playing with your hands can show your nervousness and that is never a good sign. Even if you are feeling uncomfortable or awkward, do away with these feelings before entering the interview room.


If you want to tell stories at the interview, make certain you tell relatable stories. Research has shown stories which bring out deep human emotions maximize the effectiveness of the story. The listener is able to relate to the story on a deeply human level and will help you click intimately with the listener.


And to conclude, beat the clock. There’s nothing like waiting anxiously all day for an interview which has been scheduled for the evening. Attempt to politely have your interviews scheduled early in the day. You will appear fresher, more alert and confident. Whereas, if you have to wait out an entire day it will leave you feeling nervous, anxious and tired.  

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