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One of the spearhead operations of JNR Services and Trading Pvt. Ltd. is their travel agency. Established in 12th September 2013 JNR Travels is an inbound and outbound tour and travel operator, which caters to both international and domestic travelers.

Apart from which JNR Services and Trading Pvt. Ltd. provides delivery services of a multitude of goods and services. These services are provided to both the individual in the capital city of Malé on retail basis and to the multitude of resorts on a wider scale. In providing these goods and services JNR Services and Trading Pvt. Ltd. strives to provide their clients with top quality products for the best prices.

JNR Services and Trading Pvt. Ltd. is dedicated and committed to deliver the highest standards of goods and service to all our customers and clients. In delivering this we maintain the utmost degree of customer care with particular care given to detail.

Although we are small in numbers at the moment, our team as a whole brings uncompromised enthusiasm and expertise. Our strength is drawn from highly capable, creative and innovative team with commitment, and continuous input of internationally renowned expertise and customer feedback.

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