Anatomy of a Great Resume

Hiring managers look at certain traits and qualities in a resume, which is the main reason why your calls of interest have gone unanswered. A successful resume must portray your , skills and knowledge in a way that is appealing. Is your resume a standout? Does it highlight your skills? Does it present you in the best angle? Does your resume show like you are the ideal candidate for the position? Are your relevant accomplishments showcased? These are some of the questions you must ask yourself in the hope of presenting the anatomy of a great resume.


If your goal is to find a job in the near future, it is time to brush up your skills. You need to step up to the game in the present, and celebrations can follow later. If you have a job to pursue, then it is time to get back to work. When it comes to presenting a successful resume, less is more. Keep your resume unbloated, confident, humble and open all at once. Let it be filled with accomplishments, impacted with critical key words but not too self absorbed. Proofread your resume time and again for spelling and grammar errors. There is nothing like spelling errors in one’s resume to turn off the hiring manager in the instance you have applied for the position of English Writer. Avoid using unrelated information, excessive abbreviations and unprofessional email addresses.


However, when it comes to putting a successful resume together all rules must be broken. Just keep in mind you must stud the rules first before deciding to break them. A successful resume is not easy to come by. You may be required to make a huge effort on your part. The art of putting together a great resume has evolved in the last decade. Style of writing and formatting a resume has changed considerably. Whilst a great resume cannot ensure you get the job, it can certainly guarantee you get into the interview room.


A great resume is akin to a fantastic marketing document. The summary statement must be at the top of any resume. It can be listed in bullet points or as a paragraph. The most impressive and relevant qualifications must be highlighted from the beginning of your career where a simple glance is sufficient to appreciate them. Portray your important qualifications on page 1. You must customize your resume according to each job opening, emphasize your achievements and experience in line with what is required in the current job opening you are applying for.  


The anatomy of a great resume is a balancing act. You must balance the art of showcasing your professionalism and personality. The job market is very competitive, it is up to you to boast in an unpretentious manner to allow your resume to standout from other potential candidates.        

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