Public Speaking Hacks that Everyone Should Know

We all know how anxious most of us get when we have to make a public speech or a presentation. Those sweaty palms, stuttering and stumbling over words won’t do us any good. Public speaking is a mandatory skill that each and everyone of us should possess. Not only because it will help you to advance your career but also because it will help to boost your self confidence and open up countless opportunities.

Most of us like to be heard but afraid to be judged.

To become better at public speaking these are the fundamental steps that one should follow;



Before everything else you should plan your speech. The most important part is to select an appropriate theme, from then onwards you can build up the speech. The flow and the structure of the speech is also very important. Don’t just jump from one fact to another, always try to explain the fact. It’s a good practice if you provide examples. Managing time is also an important factor, no one wants to listen to a speech that drags for hours.


In order to be better at anything you need practice. Seek opportunities to speak publicly. Take up classes or join a club like toastmasters. You can always volunteer to speak at special occasions ( your sister’s wedding is a good place to start). Like they say “Practice makes perfect”.

Pay Attention to the Audience

Always remember to engage with your audience when you do a public speech. Always remember that facial expressions and body language are also importants aspects in public speaking. For sure speaking is not merely about just words. If you want the audience to pay attention to your speech you have to understand the requirements of the audience. Asking questions and ideas from the audience are the best ways to make the audience involved in your speech.

Don’t  be Afraid

If you are new to public speaking it’s normal to jitter, feel self conscious and feel like you can’t retain the points that you have memorized. Most of the times this happens because you project negative thoughts. You might be thinking that you don’t deserve an audience or that you might lose the job if you don’t please the boss if the presentation is not up to expected standard, this way you create additional pressure to yourself. But here’s the thing, it’s all in your head. Those negative thoughts that you have should be eliminated and replaced by positive thoughts. Visualizing your success has been proved as one of the most powerful tools to affirm your desired outcomes.


Deep breathing exercises are also a good way to calm yourself. This is a good habit to follow few minutes before you start the speech.


Always remember to make public speaking a pleasurable experience. Practice managing interruptions like an unexpected question from the audience. And don’t forget to practice if your goal is to become a great public speaker.  

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